Gamification in the Workplace – Learning vs Motivation

by Stuart Silverman and Richard Carey The emerging use of games in business is taking two very distinct forms, Serious Games and Gamification. Our team at Impact Simulations has been debating the merits of each and some interesting insights have emerged. Both approaches use Game Mechanics — the techniques that game designers use to make […]

My Epic Journey (The App) for Retail Associates

In Aaron Dignan’s videos and book, Game Frame, he talks about how cashiers have an active and stimulating learning curve for about 30 days. And then boredom sets in. I recently spoke with Aaron  – and we talked about how to engage retail associates beyond those 1st 30 days. We talked about how we could deploy […]

Gamification – Ready for Retail?

This is the year that Gamification, as a discipline and business approach, got its feet on the ground. This is the year that people in business started talking about what it is, how it should work and where are the benefits. I first saw the term Gamification being used in late 2010 as I was […]

Target’s Cashier Game – Is It Really a Game?

Note: To see how cashiers’ jobs could be enhanced to be more engaging using games, read the follow-up post, A Cashier Game Worth Playing.  Contact us if you would like to know more about how to do this in your organization. It may depend on how old you are. I’ve seen a number of references in gamification […]