Walmart Adopts Gamification to Increase Employee Engagement

Last week Inward Strategic Consulting announced they are doing a gamification project with Walmart to “increase employee engagement.” Lets take a look at some of the implications. We’ve all seen the news stories about Walmart taking unfair advantage of their store employees. The most recent glaring example is the class action suit filed on behalf […]

Game Awards to Motivate Employees – Part 1

Games are highly effective for motivating employees to adopt new behaviors and improve performance. Game structures and rewards must be chosen carefully to motivate employee game players to act in new ways. Whether games are for pleasure or work, different people play games differently and respond to different incentives. In this post we are going […]

A Cashier Game Worth Playing

Gamification speakers and authors regularly cite Target’s cashier game as a prime example of gamification in retail. While most of what Target is doing is not new to those of us who have worked in retail, it is the addition of immediate feedback to a traditional timed task tracking system that gamification pundits have latched […]

Gamify the Path to Productivity

Do you remember the last training sessions you attended? Did you go willingly? Did you retain much of what was presented? I didn’t. And how about those instruction manuals? When was the last time you read a manual in advance of trying out a new product? Learning a new task? We are being conditioned to […]