Gamification attracting big media attention

Gamification is attracting attention in big media sources. This week I have seen 2 examples of main stream media converage of serious games.

First, Jane McGonical, who believes that games can solve world problems and that we should play more games,  is on a press tour for her new book “Reality is Broken.” She is interviewed by Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report.

For all of Stephen Colbert’s kidding around, she gets in some key points about how so many people are playing games and that all that gaming effort to reach epic wins can be funneled into social good with games designed to tap in to social problem solving.

Second, Fast Company recently published an artical “How Video Games Are Infiltrating–and Improving–Every Part of Our Lives”. Its a bit of a misnomer to attribute all the gamification issues in this artical to video games – but at this point maybe that sells more magazines.

Great stats in the artical about how many people and what demographics are now playing games. Interesting fact:

“…that because they offer those clearly articulated rewards for each point players score and new level they achieve, games trigger the release of dopamine, a hormone in the brain that encourages us to explore and try new things. Since we like the feeling we get when our brains are awash in dopamine, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it, over and over again.”  

Just another reason to consider serious games to change minds and influence thinking in the sales and marketing arena

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