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A Cashier Game Worth Playing

Gamification speakers and authors regularly cite Target’s cashier game as a prime example of gamification in retail. While most of what Target is doing is not new to those of us who have worked in retail, it is the addition of immediate feedback to a traditional timed task tracking system that gamification pundits have latched […]

Employee Engagement and Gamification in Retail

I recently saw Kenexa Institute’s 2012 WORKTRENDS REPORT, “THE WORLD OF RETAIL: HOW EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CAN HELP THE REGISTERS RING”. Two things struck me: • There is a strong correlation between employee engagement and productivity, quality, competitiveness and turnover. It may sound obvious, but companies with high employee engagement scores perform much better than companies […]

Gamification – Ready for Retail?

This is the year that Gamification, as a discipline and business approach, got its feet on the ground. This is the year that people in business started talking about what it is, how it should work and where are the benefits. I first saw the term Gamification being used in late 2010 as I was […]